Online Dating in the Ice Age

Getting an ice machine for Gnocchi Bar was very much like online dating.

While I cobbled together all the other equipment for the restaurant from the used equipment listings, the ice machine was the one piece of equipment I was ready to splurge on.

I perused each ice machine’s profile, looked at pictures, and tried to envision what the actual machine would look like. More importantly, would it be the right fit for my world.

Height, weight, dimensions, output, ratings….. the similarities to online dating are striking.

And just like dating in the cyber world, I shared ice machine profiles with trusted friends.

“What do you think? Is it worth the money? Is this what I need? Will it be adequate or outstanding?”


With a wee tremor in my hand, I finally clicked the “buy” button, and watched the dollars magically disappear from my bank account.

Three days later, the Day of Destiny, Mr. Right The Ice Machine arrived.

It was smaller than I anticipated.

It was noisier than I expected.

It has more moods than I think an ice machine should have.

And it goes “thunk” when it drops a load of ice.

Maybe, just maybe that profile photo was, ahem, filtered.

In warmer weather, we cheer it on, offer it encouragement, coax it to completion. “Come on, baby, you can do it!”

In the winter, it overproduces ice, because that’s EXACTLY when you need more ice.

Swipe right, swipe left. But please close the bin when you’re done

It’s not the perfect machine, but it’s MY sweetie now.






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