I’ve Met You Before

I see you. I recognize you. I know who you are.

You’ve taken many guises; your masque is never the same. But once you peel away that faux smile, your true character is revealed.

I’ve dated you, I’ve been your lover, your friend.  I’ve studied with you.  I’ve been your employee, your boss, your confidant and your enemy.

I’ve seen you in a million places, around the world. I am always surprised when I run into you, but why, I don’t know.

You’re a Bully.

Time was when you had to be physically there to harass me. On the playground, at school, during a dinner date,  at the workplace…… it didn’t really matter where. The key was, you had to, in some ways, be brave enough to actually intimidate me in person, put a face to your shenanigans. You had to own it. I guess looking back, you had some sort of courage, however insipid it was.

Now, you can curl up comfortably at home and fire away from the safety of your keyboard.  You don’t have to be there to see my reaction when I read your attack. You don’t have to be honorable enough to tell me to my face why you’re being petulant, childish, pejorative or just plain mad. You certainly don’t have to give me the chance to defend myself, apologize, talk it out or try to make it better.

And thanks to the wonder of technology, your audience is now worldwide, not limited to the gang of kids clustered around us in the playground. With the click of a button, you can wound me, my family, my friends, my business, and most importantly, my soul.  You don’t even have to watch me bleed out or cry. You certainly won’t be there to face any repercussions or help me glue myself back together again.

You’ve won.


The one thing you forget is that your offensive tells me more about you than it tells the world about me. You reveal your true self, and it’s not pretty. You know deep down you’re being an arse. You are deliberately being unkind, and the stink of it permeates your entire argument.  Nothing can mask that.

How does your victory feel now? Because I can hear  your self-doubt echoing through the hollowness of it.

Keep on doing what you’re doing.  I’ll be here, head down, working hard, evolving into a better person. You? Your choice. I have better things to do. Peace out.







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  1. What a great piece Lisa! I’m sorry you’ve had to endure foolishness, but you’re perspective is spot on. Hang in there.

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